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Thanks for nothing! (Backdated obv.)

[Ryoga's Thanksgiving went pretty much like this: Got splashed with cold water at about nine when he managed to break a faucet in the bathroom, got caught by kitchen staff at about nine thirty sneaking into the kitchen to find some hot water. Considering it was a miracle he found his way there in the first place, he was less than pleased by this. At about ten he was dropped into warm water for cleaning, because obviously this was one of the many and varied farm animals to be eaten that day, right? Ten-oh-one saw him scrambling about the castle desperately trying to find the bathroom in which he'd left his clothes. He'd managed to make due with some butchers paper and assorted pieces of apple in the meantime. By about four in the afternoon he'd finally found the bathroom, gathered his clothing, and had managed to get back to his dorm where he hid in a state of 'Oh great, just my luck I hope no-one saw me!' because frankly he was panicked enough not to have noticed anyone else in the corrifors.

So. How'd that work out for him? You decide. Feel free to drop him a message after the beep.


(He thinks this is private.)

Dear Akane.

You'd never guess where I am right now. Not in a million years.

This place is a castle - Like you'd see in a book of fairytales, but it's real. It's surrounded by Islands that float in space.

I swear, I couldn't make this up if I tried.

And arriving here wasn't my fault at all for once - I was tricked here. But they had a room set up for me with my name on it and everything. Checkers is here too. I've been told that this castle is for Heroes and Villains from all over the place, and being as I'm no Villain, I guess that makes me a Hero, right? I'm going to stay here to do some training, I'll miss you I'll teach Ranma a thing or two when I get back to Tokyo.

Please, take care of yourself. Pass my best wishes on to your Father and Sisters for me. Well, Kasumi at least.

Love Yours
Ryoga Hibiki


where the shit ami i?
Ryoga Hibiki

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